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What Did I Miss in Intermediate Physics?

This is a summary of what we did in class along with links to handouts and assignments. The last five class days are listed first, but you can select any group of five starting at the date you specify in the box below.

09/13/2019 Students celebrated their knowledge today.
09/06/2019 Air resistance was discussed, and the general formula for retarding force in a flowing medium presented. In the situations we will be exploring, only the viscous term of retarding force will be in play.

Students were introduced to damped harmonic oscillation with a demonstration. A spring caused a mass submerged in water to oscillate. The force of the spring was recorded with a force probe and displayed as an oscillation with exponentially decreasing amplitude.

The mathematical derivation of the behavior of the system was presented. Underdamped, overdamped and critically damped graphs of position vs time were explained along with the mathematical relationship for position as a function of time.

Lecture notes Day 7
09/04/2019 We started with a vector diagram of two rotating amplitudes offset by phase angles. The object was to determine the amplitude and phase of the vector sum. This was done geometrically using laws of cosines and sines. The same problem was done using a complex plane - the process was considerably easier.

If the vectors have the same amplitude, but are offset by some phase, a special condition arises where an interference pattern emerges. This is analogous to the double slit experiment

Lecture notes day 6
09/03/2019 Students were given a handout that walks them through the tedious Taylor & Maclaurin series that results in e to the power of i theta end exponent equals cos theta plus i sin theta Click for more options

Euler's formula can be applied to a complex plane such that the imaginary axis replaces the conventional y-axis, and the x axis is the real component of Z equals a plus i b Click for more options

Characteristics of complex numbers were discussed including multiplication, division, and absolute values. Complex conjugates were helpful in rationalizing a complex fraction. When a complex number is multiplied by i, it represents rotating the complex vector by pi divided by 2 Click for more options

Lecture notes day 5
Homework and Taylor series notes are in the 304 file

Homework is due Tuesday 9/10/19

Homework Assignment 01
08/30/2019 We went over the last two problems in the mechanical SHM package. Students provided solutions.

A new design problem was presented in which a baby bouncy chair was to be restricted to a maximum g-force of 0.2 g. Mass was not give, nor the spring constants. Students were told that when the baby is placed into the carrier, the carrier descends 0.5 m.

Taylor series was introduced by developing a sequence of derivatives of a function. The Taylor polynomial for the sine and cosine functions were generated. We will explore more of this on Tuesday (Labor Day holiday).

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